Ladies’ Shoe Repair

Fort Worth Shoe Repair - Ladies' Shoes & HandbagsCartan’s Shoe Repair in Fort Worth specializes in repairing Ladies’ footwear and accessories.

Often on ladies’ shoes, the heels wear down sooner than the rest of the sole which can cause foot and back problems. We can restore your favorite pair of shoes to like-new condition. We repair the damaged heels with the proper replacement to match the original thickness, style and weight and Cartan’s always uses the highest quality rubber heel protectors. No matter what kind of ladies’ shoes or boots you have, we will restore and repair them properly.Shoe build-up Forth Worth - Cartan's Shoe Repair

Cartan’s Shoe Repair also does “Leg Discrepancy” heel and sole build-up specifically modified according to the need of the individual customer.

By matching the color and style, we will provide you with a modified shoe that looks fantastic!

Shoe and boot repair services we provide for ladies include:

Womens' Shoe Repair Fort Worth - Cartan's

  • We can rewrap heels to maintain their original appearance
  • We can recondition the leather in your shoes to reduce cracking and extend their life
  • We can install rubber (never plastic) heel protectors
  • We can apply scuff protector to protect finish
  • We can do “Leg Discrepancy” heel and sole build-ups
  • We can clean suede
  • We can replace zippers on shoes, boots, backpacks and handbags
  • We can repair handbags, including replacing straps
  • We can dye shoes, belts, boots, straps, handbags, and wallets

Here are some more samples of our craftsmanship (click an image to enlarge):

And Remember: Ask our experienced foot care specialist about your specific foot care needs as requested by your physician! We’re more than just shoe repair! We can modify footwear to make your feet healthier!