Shoe & Boot Repair

Cartan’s provides complete shoe and boot restoration in the Fort Worth area using only the finest materials. All our repair work is guaranteed.

Fort Worth Shoe Boot Repair - Cartan'sWe realize that the right pair of shoes or boots can affect almost every part of your day. That is why we service, repair and restore men’s and women’s shoes and boots of all kinds. So, once you find the perfect pair we can extend their life so you can continue to enjoy them for years to come.

Shoe and boot repair services we provide include:

  • Complete sole removal
  • Replace Welts: Rework the bedding of the footwear
  • Remove all dirt-soil-old polish
  • Vibram rubber top lifts and Dovetail dress heels are used for all top lift and heel base replacements
  • Heel build-ups
  • Sole build-ups
  • Leather reconditioning

Repair Shoe that Dog Chewed Up - Fort WorthPET LOVERS

Has your dog or cat decided that one of your favorite shoes or handbag is its new chew toy or scratch pad? Don’t take your frustration out on Fido or Tiger! Instead, take the item to Cartan’s Shoe Repair!

Scratches, tears, and chew marks can be modified or repaired, such as toes, heels, soles, straps, handbags, or even leashes and collars.

Your favorite pair of shoes or boots are in good hands at Cartan’s!


Here are some examples of our craftsmanship (click an image to enlarge):

Ask our experienced foot care specialist about your specific foot care needs as requested by your physician! We’re more than just shoe repair! We can modify footwear to make your feet healthier!