Shoe Care

Shoe care products available at Cartan’s Fort Worth Shoe Repair:Cartan's Shoe & Leather Care Accessories

  • Shine cloths
  • Boot brushes (genuine horse hair: 6.75X2 inches and 8X2 inches in black or white)
  • Suede brushes
  • Polish applicators
  • Shoe stretchers (wood)
  • Boot jacks
  • Boot hooks
  • Cedar trees
  • Wood valet – shine box
  • Metal shoe horns (7.5 or 23-inch)
  • Stain erasers (helps remove stains and scuffs)
  • Round shoe laces available in many different lengths in many fashion colors
  • Flat sport shoe laces; 24 to 72 inches; black-brown-grey-navy-tan-white
  • Dress sport round laces: 24 and 27 inch; with other sizes as requested
  • Round waxed laces
  • Rawhide shoe laces; loose, not paired; black-dark brown-gold
  • Plus other “hard-to-find” items!!

Leather care products available at Cartan’s Fort Worth Shoe Repair:

Fort Worth Shoe Repair - Cartan's

  • Fiebing mink oil
  • Meltonian mink oil
  • Cadillac water repellents
  • URAD leather creams
  • Lincoln Wax
  • Kiwi leather protector
  • Kiwi leather stretch
  • Kiwi Instant Shine
  • Saddle soap

“One Good Shoe or Boot can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”  After all, healthy feet make for a healthy (and happy) life. Everything is “riding” on them!